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Ceila -  Kombu
Ceila -  Kombu
Ceila -  Kombu
Ceila -  Kombu

Ceila - Kombu

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Highway's brand-new, large tote bag, Ceila, has many delightful wonders that render the deceivingly simple construction highly useful. When you carry this tote on your shoulder, the front side has an outside zipper pocket placed horizontally. Its depth is full-bodied and sure to perfectly fit any variety of phones. On the alternate side, a vertically placed zipper pocket opens to a similarly wide and deep pocket to situate keys and other necessities. The main compartment is wide and tall, all-encompassing to welcome your belongings. Inside, two medium-sized zippered pockets located in the lining guarantee your organized lifestyle. 

This style is soft and fluffy to the touch. The lack of a stiff structure and instead exclusive usage of Highway's signature durable nylon material results in a force-resistant and yet flexible and yielding style, not to mention light-weight. The extra wide straps also give your shoulder leverage real estate and look unique and stylish.

When enjoying the city, shopping for groceries, going out for a quick run of fresh air or traveling for the weekend—take this super stylish Ceila with you on all adventures!



  • High Quality Japanese Durable Nylon Bag
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Includes Multiple Pockets
  • iPad and Tablet-Friendly, Day-Out Bag
  • Dimensions: 16"W x 15.5"H x 3.5"D
  • Straps: 1.6"W x 11.5" drop-down (highest point to the opening)