Originally from Kyoto, Japan, Jem moved to New York City in her early 20s. She comfortably fit into the city, excited to be a part of its multi-cultural environment.

Many things intrigued her, some things were old and some were new, and many placed mixed the old and new. A handful of historic fabric shops were inspirational and joyful.

Jem worked as a print fabric and fashion designer for many years before opening a shop in Nolita NY in 2000. The shop carried her clothing lines and bags. Soon enough, she started to focus on bags, due to the high demand from customers.

She enjoys creating products that exhibit attention to detail, prominent colors, and high-quality materials. She aims to achieve a modern, practical design that fits into daily life. Her admiration for the artistry of craftmanship, which was naturally instilled in her during her upbringing in Kyoto, remains an essential part of her design.

Having been trained and working in this field for many years, she remains motivated to continually improve and maintain the highest quality possible. This would not be possible without her customers, who are always supportive and eagerly await good products to replace the ones they acquired many years ago.

Jem hopes that once people use her bags, their spirits will be elevated, fostering a positive relationship with the bags.


In the Fall of 2000, we opened our brick-and-morter shop in the heart of Nolita, NYC.

Nolita was the perfect match for the store, located in the trendy and up-and-coming fashion spot north of the historical Little ltaly.

The area was a mix of local community and tourists seeking unique shops and cultures.

The store had a beautiful 20-year run before closing in November 2020. Transitioning to an online-only store, we have maintained the same energy as before, connecting with customers both verbally -- via phone and email -- and emotionally.

The collections remain as strong as ever, featuring our signature multi-pocket shoulder bags and new items seasonally.

Our goal is to create products that bring organization and neatness into people’s lives and hopefully inviting more peace of mind.

We feel lucky to pursue this meaningful mission.